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Teri Hatcher Is a Sultry Celebrity Mom

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Teri Hatcher looks so good in her mid forties, it would seem that she could make a new appearance as the Bond Girl again any time now! It's difficult having sympathy for Hollywood stars. We tend to think that, because of their privileged lifestyles they don't have the pressures that the rest of us have. But all the pressures of maintaining a Hollywood career and being a single mom over the years, it's been tough to Teri Hatcher. With a disciplined diet and exercise, though, Teri Hatcher’s size 6 dress doesn’t look like an impossible goal. Find out her amazing secrets bellow! The celebrity site http://www.howcelebritiesloseweight.com/teri-hatcher-is-a-hot-celebrity-mom/ reports the way she was able to achieve this impossible goal.

Diet Plan

Teri Hatcher does not try fast diets or the weight loss program of the month. She tries to keep to a low fat diet as much as possible and uses some diet supplements that work fast. When it comes to diets, she likes to eat grilled chicken or steamed fish with fresh vegetables. When she needs a treat, occasionally she'll give in and go for guilty pleasures, which are banana splits with chocolate and gummy bears. Teri has apparently also been known to use the natural hoodia diet pills, Hoodia Gordonii, which is an appetite suppressant. Hoodia weight loss plan has received a lot of attention. It's proven to be effective and an easy weight loss plan. However, recent studies have shown that up to 95% of Hoodia diet supplements contain cheaper ingredients than the ones shown in weight loss ads, which are completely ineffective - only Hoodia weight loss pills containing the P57 molecule works according to celebritydietdoctor!

In People Magazine it was reported that she is not on the best diet plan and in spite of the hoodia diet patch she will have the occasional cheat consisting of potato chips and pizza but her normal diet program is full of healthy foods such as chicken stir-fry with vegetable, oatmeal and tuna fish which make up some good diet foods.


What has made it easier for Teri is her love of being on an fitness exercise program. What she has to guard against is getting bored on the exercise ball. "I like to hike and work out at the gym but I get bored easily," she says. "That's when I started doing the stripping classes. It's very much about empowerment and female weight loss. There are no mirrors and nobody cares what you look like. It's just all about being comfortable with your body. It really gives a good weight loss."

Teri's saucy way to stay fit involves basic home exercise equipment for an hour of Pilates exercise and yoga-style stretching exercises, followed by 30 minutes of pole- or lap dancing - and normally without a man in sight! “It's not about turning a guy on,” explains Teri, “it's about turning yourself on and feeling good about yourself.”

Lastly, she mentioned she likes to set fitness goals like the mini-triathlon with friends, the Nautica Malibu Triathlon. Hatcher has always been in tip top shape and recently she and a friend were discussing the ‘bucket list’ and she mentioned she always wanted to participate in a triathlon. Ironically enough, ivillage.co.uk said her show’s parent company Disney, asked if she would lead a team for the triathlon to raise money for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Likewise, the timing was right for Hatcher to make her dream a reality.

For this, Teri Hatcher’s training and fitness exercise has kicked up a notch and she biked to work three to four times a week. She did mention that of the three events in the triathlon, the running portion which occurs last, is the most difficult. Visit the celerity site http://www.howcelebritiesloseweight.com/teri-hatcher-is-a-hot-celebrity-mom/ to find out her amazing secrets.

The most important lesson to learn from Teri's regime is, according to ezinearticles.com, to find food and exercise routines that you like, that keep you interested. There are so many ways to keep fit (including pole dancing) and so many different, healthy foods, that you are bound to find some to keep you happy, healthy and slim.

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